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Sandton Medi Clinic, North Block, Room G02
  • Benefits of Biokinetics:

    Improving muscle imbalances
    Targeted muscle strengthening
    Improved daily living activities
    Fully functional movement
    Improved posture
    Effective pain management
  • Pienaar & Bresler

    Pienaar and Bresler Biokineticists focus on orthopaedic rehabilitation with an emphasis on function.
  • Our Services Include:

    Functional movement
    Sport specific rehabilitation
    Vibration therapy
    Suspension training

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    Latest News

    Hello, Pienaar and Bresler Biokineticists.

    That’s right, we’ve partnered! We’re happy to introduce our new partner, Che? Bresler. We’ve also added another fully equipped practice at Helpmekaar Kollege, on the corner of Empire Road and Melle Street, in Braamfontein. Both our practices focus on rehabilitation with an emphasis on function.