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Biodex Isokinetic System 3

All Pienaar and Bresler Biokineticists practices are equipped with Biodex Isokinetic systems. Biodex Isokinetic machines are highly specialised and are used in most of our orthopaedic assessments and as part of rehabilitation. The system allows us to quantify weaknesses, providing an objective measure to track improvement.

Isokinetic exercises are resistance-based exercises designed to provide a specific level of resistance while maintaining a consistent speed of limb movement. The idea behind isokinetic exercise is to achieve the highest degree of muscle contraction while also promoting a free range of movement of the limbs.

There are a number of benefits associated with isokinetic exercise. Because the amount of resistance can be controlled, it is possible to set the level so that the body is challenged but not in danger of straining or pulling the muscles of the legs and arms. This can help maximize the benefit from the workout, in that the muscles are invigorated during the exercises, which in turn promotes the release of endorphins into the blood stream. Instead of feeling fatigued after a workout, it is not unusual for the individual to feel more energetic than before he or she started the isokinetic exercise.

Another advantage to using isokinetic exercise equipment is that the movements help to promote positive changes in the tension ratio between muscles and tendons in the legs. The process helps to promote strengthening as well as expansion. As this takes place, the individual usually finds that the range of motion possible is greater than before beginning to work out with this type of equipment.