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VLC Health and Fitness Assessment

Virgin Life Care Health and Fitness Assessment

Who’s it for?

Anyone who wants an overview of their eating, exercise and general health habits, so that they know what areas they must focus on to improve.

What is it?

The 45-60 minute assessment begins with a comprehensive health and fitness questionnaire.

It focuses on:

  • Your family and personal medical history;
  • Your health habits;
  • Your nutrition;
  • Your physical activity habits, and
  • Your exercise goals.

Your weight, body mass index, body fat %, blood pressure and waist circumference are then measured. To find out how fit you are, you then do a simple 12 minute stepping session.

Once your muscles are nicely warmed up, you’ll do some flexibility and muscle endurance tests (including crunches and push-ups). You can choose whether you want to do these or not.

When you’re finished, you get:

  • A hard copy report;
  • A folder with supporting information, and
  • An exercise programme designed around the goals you selected

Your results are useful for kick-starting an exercise programme or seeing how successful your last programme was. We recommend a follow-up assessment five months later to check your progress.

Your insurer may offer special rates and reward you with points for doing an assessment.

For more information please contact your insurer or visit